The Grey House


The Grey House was built in 1965 on a small parcel of land which appears to have belonged to the large estate of a grade II Georgian mansion situated above it. This very early black and white photo clearly shows this piece of land as a vegetable plot, presumably for the main house which also has farm cottages along side it. Interestingly it wasn’t terraced then and there is still a doorway visible in the wall below the house which now stands about 15foot below ground level.

Thorpe c1900

The design is unusual for England with a timber framed upper floor containing a spacious 25′ lounge, the dining room and kitchen, and rather bizarrely a master bedroom and the only full sized bathroom. The Lower floor, turned at 90′ to accommodate the slope, had 4 single bedrooms, a double and a child sized bathroom. We were told it was built by an architect – if so he had some unusual ideas.. and 4 children.

The renovations have changed a lot of this. The kitchen and dining room have been knocked together, the metal windows replaced, the entire upper floor stripped back to timber, insulated and re-drywalled. Downstairs 4 singles have miraculously become 4 doubles, and small bathroom been combined with the boiler room to make a stunning master bath. Add in underfloor heating, an office, utility room and 2 ensuites and the house feels modern, spacious and luxurious.

As the inside work comes to an end the next stage will include a pond, boot room and workshop.

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